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Join us at and enjoy one of the best Minecraft communities out there!

This is a server free of lag, griefers and spammers. We have a very active community and staff team who are more than happy to help out new players who just want to have a fun time with some friendly people!

Join us and enjoy one of the multiple game modes we have to offer!
Currently Open; (You may use direct IPs if you wish)
Survival -
The good old fashioned Matecraft Survival server, with a few tweaks.

Creative -
Choose from classic Plots, MegaPlots, Freebuild, Terrain Plots and the new Terrain Freebuild. Featuring Builder & BuilderX ranks.

Skyblock [Also featuring Skygrid] -
Play alone, with a friend or with a large group of friends on Matecraft's Skyblock, with some awesome, unique features. Also featuring Skygrid!

OP Prison -
Played Prison before? Not like this...
Be more OP in Prison than ever with Matecraft''s take on the classic mode.

Enchanted -
A difficult survival experience.
Sporting a mix of MMO, RPG & even modded aspects including Kingdoms, Turrets, Magic, Player Stats and lots more.

Bombermate -
Matecraft's own Bombermate server.
The first Bomberman plugin ever, developed specifically for Matecraft.

Matecraft's take on SuperSmashBros in Minecraft.
Currently in Development

This is a dedicated 24/7 lag-free server network.