Vote For This Server


Greetings all,
This is your developer, Nathan!
I am owner on the server AbductionPvp and i would love it if you joined! We are updating it every day, we just set up votifier, we have gui kits, help and much much more!

The server is based on factions, We have envoys fall from the sky in warzone every 40 minutes, players can battle for the loot and fight to become the best on the server!

We have a unique shop with lots of raiding items, building items and much much more!
Our spawnerShop has almost every spawner, but you will need to buy them and become richest on the server!
Factions obsidian takes 3 hits to break while bedrock takes 8 and emerald blocks take 15 HITS TO BREAK!

I am sure you will have lots of fun on this server, just give it a chance, come on and see what you think of it.
We also need staff so come on do /website and apply if you wish to help our amazing server out!