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OxyDrug is a rapidly expanding server which relies on roleplaying mechanics to offer a drug genre server. Despite not even reaching its first birthday, OxyDrug pulls in individuals daily from all walks of life; working together to get towards the upper ranks and beyond!

Through donations, OxyDrug manages to thrive on a monthly basis; making use of a number of custom plugins to provide a tailored experience to users. The sell system, for drugs, is nothing you'll have seen before in the drug genre - With actual supply and demand being simulated, providing fluctuating prices and random events. Not only this, but fulfil tasks daily to unlock enticing bounties fit for a king - Ranging from keys and onwards to donator items.

But hey... There's more!
- OP Kits
- Bosses; defeat Lucifer and gain your prize, or challenge Oxy!
- Do quests; get rewarded
- Grow and sell various crops, and make efficient mob farms to take home the highest amount of money
- Over 160 different tags can be equipped, changing how you appear in chat!
- GUI Shop; purchase on the go
- Four unique classes providing continual buffs; Featherfeet, Creepermune, Cannibal and Pyroman.
- And much, much, more!
- Numerous donator perks available!

Join our forums at https://oxydrug.com today!