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We just reset the server. Its more enjoyable now smaller border for more raids, less OP, etc.

BadassCraft is a Minecraft server community based around Factions raiding. Weve been around since 2014, and just recently re-opened ourselves to the public. Were working to rebuild our community after months of being offline. We have many fun things to such as word reactions, hunting down supermobs, and much more! Were also working on coding some custom enchantments, and were always adding new and custom ideas everyday!

Main features:

Supermobs: These are mobs that spawn randomly around the map. These mobs spawn with armor, and give you rare items such as Goldenapples, Crate keys, and a few other things. custom feature

mcMMO: mcMMO is a very well known plugin. If you do not understand what it is, you can ask other players on our server to explain it to you.

Factions: Factions is a very well known plugin. If you do not understand what it is, you can ask other players on our server to explain it to you.

Custom anti-cheat: We have a custom anti-cheat that prevents a lot of hacks that are major issues for us killaura, flying, etc.

MobArena: We build new mobarenas regularly! You can join one and the longer you last, the more rewards you get! You can get potions, netherwarts, spawners, and more!

SupplyCrates: We have hourly supplycrates that are there if you need some supplies! They contain P4, P3, and so much more items. Youll be able to stay OP forever.

Truly OP Factions: Our factions server is completely OP. You can make money quick, and easy with crates, raiding, pvp, and killing mobs. You can easily get high protection armor from crates and supplycrates, as well as kits.

Gambling: We have a gambling feature that you can gamble as much money as youd like. You have good chances of winning double, and sometimes even triple.

Rare mining: We also give rewards to players who mine a lot! Theyre rare and random, but theyre very good. They can be anything like crate keys, or goldenapples.

Rare fishing: You can earn some special rewards from fishing, not just some fishes, but goldenapples, crates keys, and so much more.

MobArena: You can join a mobarena and slay mobs! Every couple of rounds that you survive, you receive better and better rewards such as Goldenapples, spawners, and more!

Raiding: We allow raiding at all times, unlike some odd servers. You can also use glitches like enderpearls, and netherportals.

Superbosses: There are super bosses that spawn around the world! But watch out, these things are like blood sucking leeches. They take 1/4 of your health when you hit them, and they remove any positive potion effects such as strength, regeneration etc.

PotionPvP: Weve added a cooldown for eating super goldenapples, which makes the server more Potion-PvP than Gapple-PvP. This makes sure you can kill someone without a 45 minute battle, and adds a major challange.

There is so much more! Just join and find out for yourself!

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Email: [email protected]
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